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In this modern world, mobiles are seen in everyone's hand. There are two types of phones available in the market. They are smart phones and feature phones. Smartphones are like small computers in our hand. We can install the different application on our smartphone. Whereas a featured phone is a basic phone which can be used for calling, messaging and for some basic functions. The price of a smartphone is high compared to that of a featured phone. Shopclues mobiles feature both new and refurbished phones. You can buy refurbished mobiles on online shopping website.

Guide to Buy a Phone

I am not an expert and I don't recommend you to buy any particular gadget. However, I am going to provide you with the description of each mobile specification which you can use a reference for buying a new phone.

GSM/CDMA: With CDMA devices you have to stick with a telecom operator forever. Whereas with GSM, you can buy the SIM card of any network operator and use it in your device. So better choose a GSM device.

RAM: One of the hardware that decides the performance of the device is RAM. Choose a gadget that has at least 4GB RAM.

Processor: The processor is the key one which has a lot of effect on your mobile performance. Go for a quality processor like Qualcomm's Snapdragon. There are many other different processors are there. Read carefully about the quality and performance of it.

Internal Memory: Many customers overlook at the internal memory feature. This is the storage area where your device operating system is installed. Also, you can install APPs in this storage place. However, if you buy a one with less space than your device runs very slowly. So buy a one with at least 16GB internal memory.

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External Memory: This is the external storage space which you can add to your device to increase the storage area. Buy a one which can be expandable by at least 32GB.

OTG Compatible: The USB On The Go feature has become quite popular. With this feature, the charging port on your smart mobile can be used just like a laptop's USB port. You can connect keyboard, Mouse, charge other devices, supply power for led lights and you can do many other things.

Camera Features: Selfies become quite popular. Everyone taking pictures of them daily and uploading on to social networking sites like Facebook. If you are addicted to this, you should go with the one with many built-in camera options. Some of the good options to have are Auto, Beauty Face, Continuous Shot, HDR (High Dynamic Range), Interval Shot, Night, Panorama, Pro, Selfie and Wide Selfie.

HD Video Recording: This is also one of the musts and should feature to have in your mobile. You should purchase an equipment which records good quality and high definition videos.

4G/5G Network: The third generation days are over in India. 4G has become a big boom in India and within a couple of years, 5G also will be part of the network. If you are planning to use your gadget for a long time better purchase the one with the support of both these networks. You will also get a high-speed connectivity with 4G and 5G networks.

Infrared Support: These days not many mobiles are manufactured with infrared support. This is due to the radiation and also its usage has been taken over by the Bluetooth and wifi. There are some useful applications like remote controller through which can opearte your telvision. These apps required infrared feature in the mobile.

The fact is that shopclues mobiles are categorized into brand new and refurbished models. There are so many other features which are common and exists in all the mobile phones. Here we have listed useful features which vaires from device to device. Always purchase branded shopclues mobiles like iphone, smasung, nokia etc which lasts for a long time. cheap phones comes with a lot of features. However, they won't last longer and their perforamance is also poor. You can buy any electronic gadgets online on shopclues.