Shopclues Washing Machines

Washing Machine is a house hold item which is used for cleaning clothes. Buy a good washing machine which lasts for a long time is very important. On Shopclues you will find a wide range of equipment in different brands and be selecting one out of them as per your need is a difficult task. Here we are going to list out the specifications and the top brands available in shopclues washing machines category.

Washing Machine Types

In India, Shopclues is the best place to buy washing machines. There are actually two types of devices exist. They are semi-automatic and fully-automatic. In India, most of the devices are semi automatic as the price is less compared to the other type. You can find the differences between these two types here.

Fully Automatic

Semi Automatic

shopclues washing machines

Washing Machine Specifications

There are some important specifications you should look for before purchasing the device. These are listed below:

Top Brands on Shopclues

Now its time to buy the device from one of the top brands selling on Shopclues. The top 5 brands are IFB, LG, Whirlpool, Samsung and Bosch. Before buying you should check whether there are any service centres exist in your region or not. After that you can decide which branded wahsing machine to buy.

To summarize, buying a washing machine online on Shoclues is very easy. You have to put some effor in reading the reviews, comparing different equipments and prices. With this you will get the right device at a good price.